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Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a Wonderful Day Today!

This has been a great day! I logged in to find someone had purchased one of my really fun Halloween designs so I guess it's back to the workbench again. Then, just a short time ago, the necklace that has been featured on my blog all week sold - thanks to both of you. EVERYONE loves that Blue Hawaii Triple Strand Necklace and I hope you do as well. Please stop by again soon to the online shop

Also this week I opened a second shop, Texas Beads. and it's filling up fast with beading supplies. I will specialize in Sterling Silver Gemstone Box Clasps and Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendants, along with beads and bobbles. The inventory is fairly low as I only opened shop yesterday so keep checking back often.

The week is nearly up and I could use so much more time. It's been a terrific week so far and fabulous Friday is already tomorrow.

My biggest excitement, we made front page of with a Treasury called Follow the Map.....VaRooooom. We had well over 200 views and were on Etsy's front page for over one hour. We are usually given 2 days before the listing expires and we were granted one extra day as well. Needless to say, the artists I featured in the Treasury got great exposure, and in fact, three of the 12 items sold! I cannot be happier for them. This Treasury thing gets quite addictive, as do the Virtual Labs and Forums....yikes, I have to get back to work and create!

I'm working on holiday designs right now so make sure you stop by and check out the shop again next week. I may be doing a Labor Day weekend FREE GIFT special...check back! Have a great weekend, all!

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