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Saturday, October 10, 2009

BeadzNBling was featured in Artistic Weekly!

This is a reprint of the recent article published in Artistic Weekly where we were this week's featured artist. Thanks ladies for the nice write up!

When I think of Minnesota, I think of the Mall of America, my brother-in-law (ya, you betcha, eh) and the mom from Bobby’s world. The state does not exactly inspire thoughts of artistic accomplishment. However, if you thought 10,000 lakes and an enormous mall are all that Minnesota’s got to offer, think again. The 32nd state is also the birthplace of this week’s artist, an extremely talented jewelry designer.

Lynn Potter Goldstein, who currently lives in Dallas, TX, crafts one of a kind jewelry, ranging from timeless classics to holiday themed pieces and even humorous designs. Her creations are mainly made of pearls, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that these are boring “granny”-ish pieces. No, indeed many of them are chunk, funky and all together unique.
Lynn works with not only the standard white or peacock colors, but also uses dyed pearls in lime, purple, pink, copper, blue and red. The pearls are also not all your standard spherical shape, either. There are pieces that use freshwater baroque, which look most like the common idea of a pearl, coin pearls, which are more flat in appearance, as well as potato and seed pearls. Most of Lynn’s current projects are centered around holiday themed items, both for Halloween, which tend to be more on the humorous side, and Christmas pieces.

Etsy is home to Lynn’s online shop, Beadz n Bling. With the holidays approaching, it would be worth your while to see what Lynn has to offer. I believe that there is something for everyone as far as jewelry tastes are concerned, there are some very elegant pieces, some that are pretty wild looking and of course, those that will just make you smile. The thing to keep in mind, though, no matter what type of jewelry that you may be looking for, all of Lynn’s pieces are one of a kind, have incredible personality, and are just plain beautiful. Check out Beadz n Bling at ~KLS