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Friday, October 9, 2009

Twitter and More on Social Networking 101

I am encouraged by some and thanked by others for the knowledge and wake up call on Social Networking 101, a previous blog posting, so I continue reading and searching for answers. "Why are people RT'ing me" and what the heck is "FF". So here are a few more bits and baubbles for those that are new to Twitter and Tweeting.

I was new and looking for followers a good way to get followers was to get "retweeted" -- meaning that someone would pick up my tweet and send it to their followers preceded by the code "RT @beadznbling

Then we have #FF or Follow Friday. In January 2009, a new hashtag named #followfriday started on Twitter. It immediately became a successful way to recommend some of your most interesting followers to others. Recommending great followers is similar to recommending a great restaurant or product. Spreading the word about someone on Twitter on Follow Friday is a great way to give kudos to your favorite followers and make sure other tweeters connect with quality members of the Twitter community.

For Follow Friday, I found this terrific source. It will give you a box to type in your twitter name, then hit enter and an entire list of your TWEETS in order of activity will pop up, you copy and paste, vioia!

I found it difficult to acknowledge answers I received on Twitter. Twitter's reply features felt clumsy. The easiest way to reply to a tweet is to hit the @reply icon which broadcasts your answer to all your followers, essentially Twitter's equivalent of the "reply all" email function. As a result, I often didn't reply because I didn't want to spam everyone with a bunch of "thanks for your feedback" messages. So I was silent -- which made me feel even more antisocial. This is where the DM, or Direct Message, may come in handy.

There are more than 2,000 Twitter applications made by other people to help you sort through all the tweets. One of my favorites is, which tracks the most popular URLs (or Web links) being shared across Twitter. Others such as Tweetdeck and Twhirl, help you manage and organize your tweets. (Thanks to Julia Angwin for subject matter)

Twitter Glossary
@: At reply. A public tweet directed at a fellow Twitterer, such as @Barack Obama, that shows up in their Twitter stream.

DM: Direct Message. A private message that appears in a Twitter inbox. You can only direct message people who follow you.

RT: Retweet. A tweet that you like so much that you are resending to your followers. Usually includes credit to original tweeter, such as RT @BarackObama, followed by the tweet.

Whale Icon: The iconic blue whale that pops up when Twitter is down. It appeared frequently in Twitter's first year and a half.

#: Hashtag. Used to designate a topic such as #SanDiegoFire so that people can easily search for tweets on a topic. (It is totally unnecessary, though, because a search on a keyword without the # returns the same results).

Nudge: A feature that lets you send a note to a Twitterer encouraging them to tweet more frequently. You can only nudge people who are tweeting from a mobile phone

So there we have it....more brain food!