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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old Dogs Once Again

So as I posted today, old dogs really can learn new tricks, I continue to learn new and crazy ways to drive people to my online shop on ETSY. If you are new to ETSY, it is a platform where artists and designers can showcase and sell their items at a reasonable cost and network with over 100,000 other fellow artists and creators.

This network is for the people, by the people and the people support each other. When you are lucky enough to get noticed outside the network, this is a true bonus. The more that enter your shop, the more the word gets out that your 'stuff' is worth looking at and hopefully, purchasing.

So my first day blogging, I have managed to compose two posts and can't wait to share my world of jewelry creation and design. With the holidays just around the corner, I will be communicating new items, sale items and specialty listings. My mission statement on my site is, if you like it, you best grab it as it's one of a kind and never to be repeated!

Gift giving season will be upon us soon so don't wait until the ETSY shops are picked over. Apparently from what the forums say, Oct, Nov and Dec are insane and sales are really strong.

I can only hope.........

New Found skills

I am new to blogging, Tweeting and such and today I am opening yet another chapter. Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks. I have opened a new world of communication and hope to be able to take the time to keep these newly learned tools up to date. Stay tuned for more entries soon.