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Friday, July 16, 2010

Name that color ORANGE - everything you need to know to Etsy Keyword Color Tag your items

Color - is it in your mind, do you see the same color I see? Color can help define an object but when combined with creative names, will help the imagination process what a person is thinking out a color in their mind.

This is part 5 in a series of blog posts on how to creatively express color when listing your items for sale on websites like,, and so on. I know I get in a real creative funk when trying to come up with new and exciting names so I started a never ending master color list and have decided to share it with my fellow artisans.

Keep in mind as you go through these colors there is a possibility not all keywords will fit within Etsy's character limits so you may have to modify them. Also note that does not particularly like some words for example, cabernet whiskey type names so you may wish to read their SEO (search engine optimization) hints.

As you all know, SEO is why we do these tasks in great detail. Search engines send spiders out to find similar names or terms to what you may have entered in the toolbar search box. This series of blog posts should help you with your color entries when doing listings on,, and

If you have any color suggestions you think should be added to the master, please sign in below and leave a comment. We would LOVE to hear back from you and also ask you 'follow us' for the remainder of the series of color keywords.

Today we are featuring the color ORANGE

bittersweet amber
tomato soup
burnt orange
pomegranate fruit
nutmeg spice
tangerine tangelo
tabasco sauce
vermilion tomato
sunset sunshine
salmon apricot
santa fe sunrise
mandarin orange
safety orange
pumpkin spice
peach apricot
orange peel
persimmon red
papaya mango
kenyan copper
coral flame
champagne mimosa
carrot juice
macaroni cheese
cinnamon stick
copper penny


  1. Great color names - thanks for the tips!

  2. You make me hungry with your colors. . . ;)