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Friday, July 9, 2010

Name that color PURPLE - everything you need to know to Etsy Color Tag your items - PURPLE

UGH Naming a color in a fun creative way can be a strugle when listing your,, or listings? Are you using dull, boring keywords when listing your items? This is part four of a multi blog series on fun and exciting words to use when describing color.

Today's keyword help is for the color PURPLE.

I have a jewelry shop on, and when it comes time to list new items I bang my head against the wall with hopes of coming up with fun and creative keywords. Stop dull and boring!!

We would love to have you comment below and 'follow' our blog. If you can think of any color names we may have missed, please comment below and we will add them to the master. Here we go....the color PURPLE

purple lilac iris
lavender amethyst
blackberry pie
amethyst gem
lavender mist
fuchsia orchid
indigo midnight
royal magenta
violet purple
wisteria lilac
Abe Lincoln rose
periwinkle iris
mauve cerise
fog bank
ripe plum
black Pearl
persian blue
purple heart
french gray
amethyst smoke
blue bell
butterfly bush
topaz gemstone
mulled wine
concord grape
windsor purple
seductive affair
spooky séance
thistle flower


  1. Ah aubergine, one of the more subtle purples, but a fave of mine ;)
    Great list, I'm copying it to notepad for future reference... thanks Blinger!

  2. "needs notebook to copy all these awesome colour names"