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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just call me Indie!

FOCUS : Peaces of Indigo

A real 'up and comer' in the handmade jewelry arena, Dawanna Young is a wonderful spirit known as Peaces of Indigo. Indie, as we call her, just seems to have it all. Great family with a couple of boys she home schools, great hubs and even among the daily chaos, she just seems to keep it all together.

Constantly amazing her peers with her knowledge and talents, Indie never ceases to amaze us. Her true passion in jewelry is precious metal clay and she calls her work 'rustic'. Using texture and color, embedded messages and classic designs, Indie seems to have never ending creative juices flowing. I just love reading her daily chat on our Jet Team (Jewelry on Etsy) thread as she is a never ending source of inspiration, information and humor. What a great mix of character traits all bundled up in one package.

Indie's jewelry designs will frequently contain quotes from the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson or William Shakespeare. They will incorporate rustic organic materials like leather, pearls or semi precious stones giving the pieces texture and substance. Indie also enjoys working with other medium and is always seeking a new method, new design, new approach. Busy bee is an understatement!

While Indie enjoys her shop,
she also has a mainstream .com website that is well underway. It's called PeacesofIndigo as well and the link is provided for your viewing pleasure! Come snoop around at her amazing talents and don't delay your holiday shopping. Most of her items are one of a kind and never to be repeated.


  1. nice feature on Indie, love her jewelry!

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