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Friday, March 12, 2010

Two in a day!

I have never really blogged about my second shop,

This shop is filled with all sorts of amazing briolettes, gemstone clasps, sterling silver pendants and pearls, freshwater pearls, keishi pearls, coin pearls, big pearls, little pearls and all for a very reasonable asking price.

Come take a gander. Watch out, you may go home with some really new fun supplies!

"Gemstone Clasps, Pearls, Sterling Pendants & Briolettes"

What Happened to 2010?

A blog is supposed to be something you keep up with, share thoughts, share ideas. How on earth could several months pass and you have no idea where they went. I keep saying that I will keep up with my blog because I have SO MUCH TO SHARE with you so as of today, I will try much harder to enter posts. So for today, I will begin with this commitment and with hopes my next entry is not in 6 months.

One bit of goodie. I met someone on Twitter and she makes cookies (or she calls them Kookies). She shipped me some minis to check out and she totally wowed me with the taste, texture, quality and she scored a definate 10 in my book (and I am one picky cookie critic)

Give this a look. and tell her you found her by way of BeadznBling's Blog. If it comes back to me, I will toss in something extra. (offer valid until 31 March 2010) Ummm wish I had more cookies to go with my tea.

Ta-Ta for now