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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Name that color - everything you need to know to Etsy Color Tag your items.

My BeadznBling jewelry designs are currently selling on and When we create new and exciting pieces of jewelry then comes the task of tagging. The DREADED task of tagging. How many things can you say in 14 lines. I have started using keyword phrases that should draw attention but the most difficult is color selection.

I will share with you some of the fun names for color that I use and hopefully it will make your task of tagging much more fun! If you have more to share, please feel free to comment and list them.

candy apple
coral red
fire engine red
lava flame
sangria wine
terra cotta
tuscan scarlet
ruby raspberry

cherry blossom
fuchsia rose
magenta pink
tea rose
hot flamingo
salmon puce

granny smith apple
peridot jungle
asparagus fern
celadon sage
olive olivine
honey dew
british racing
forest hunter
pine sap

There is a good start for today. I will continue this again with more fun colors!
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