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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blog Bog

There is nothing worse than a dead blog. Promises to make daily or even weekly entries never seem to come to fruition. Today I will make an attempt to exorcise the reasons not to keep up with this blog and make yet again, another go at telling the world about jewelry, parts and design. One day at a time.

Hmmm let's go with green today in honor of St Patrick. Considering I have my corned beef and cabbage ready to roll for Saturday, let's get our bling on while we are at it.

Big Hoops inspired by the Poparazzi Basketball Wives craze and are wickedly hot and hard to keep in stock. Make some, sell some. Make more, sell more. This pair is in my BeadznBling shop and still available.

Another twist on the theme are these Celtic inspired dangle earrings made from antique brass findings and Czech crystals in emerald green.

This is all making me hungry as I now have corned beef and cabbage on the to go get some Guinness to compliment my Saturday celebration.